Metal working

OÜ Dvigatel Regital


OÜ Dvigatel Regital was established in 1999. The company was created on the basis of the former metal working factory of AS Dvigatel and is producing industrial ventilation fans for Fläkt Woods, the leading global supplier of ventilation solutions. In 2009, OÜ Dvigatel Regital started cooperation with Vestas, the world’s largest producer of wind energy equipment.


OÜ Dvigatel Regital participates in the European Union’s programmes RP6 and RP7 for research and technological development. In both framwork programmes, Dvigatel Regital’s role is to develop mechanical components, production and distribution.


Mainor owns 80,25% of Dvigatel Regital.
Supervisory Board: Koit Kaaristu (Chairman), Ülo Pärnits, Ants Pilving
Management: Andrey Strizhalov