Energetics and environment

AS Dvigatel-Energeetika


AS Dvigatel-Energeetika is a private capital based company in Mainor Group. Company’s main activity is providing electricity, water, sewerage, and natural gas for consumers in their area of operations. Annual volume of company’s electricity sales is close to 20M kWh.


AS Dvigatel-Energeetika is fully owned by OÜ Mairenestal, 73,75% of shares of which belong to Mainor.
Supervisory Board: Ants Pilving (Chairman), Ülo Pärnits, Koit Kaaristu and Rein Suurväli.
Management: Aleksei Zarubin and Janis-Aivars Balodis


AS Vaivara Wind


AS Vaivara Wind main field of operations is developing wind energy projects in Estonia. Company is working with project development and attracting investments for those projects.


Doranova Baltic OÜ


Doranova Baltic was established in 2008 together with a Finnish company Doranova OY. Doranova Baltic is dealing with environmental protection projects in Estonia.


Mainor’s share in Doranova Baltic OÜ is 40%.
Supervisory Board: Pasi Olavi Mäkelä (Chairman), Jarno Petteri Laitinen, Ants Pilving and Rainer Aunpu.
Management: Margus Nõlvak (CEO), Signe Suurväli


Other Mainor Group companies operating in the field of energetics and environment include:


OÜ Mainarendus


OÜ Mainor Energy Solutions