Over time, Mainor's business operations have included trainings, consulations and development activities. In 1992 Mainor Business School was established and it grew into Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, the largest private institution of higher education in Estonia. The development of Ülemiste City district began in 2005 as a new exciting challenge for Mainor. 330 enterprises with close to 8,000 employees operate at Ülemiste City. The companies oper

ating at the campus have a total annual revenue of close to 1 billion euros. Presently, the main operations of Mainor include the development of Ülemiste City's smart city, strategic management of the Group's companies, management of the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, development of wind energy and real estate management on its properties. Mainor’s subsidiaries and affiliated companies also operate in other fields such as woodworking, metalworking and energetics, and employ close to 300 people.

Business sectors

In addition to the parent company, 15 subsidiaries and affiliated companies belong to the Mainor Group. They can be roughly divided into five categories – education, Ülemiste City development, woodworking, metal working and energetics.


Developed by Mainor Ülemiste AS, Ülemiste City development started in 2005 with a goal to build a contemporary city district in the place of the 36-hectare territory of former Dvigatel factory as a new home for innovative and knowledge-driven companies. It has become the largest knowledge-based business centre in the Baltics.


Mainor Group has provided high-level eduction since 1992, when today's Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences started as Mainor Business School. As part of the Mainor Group, International School of Tallinn was established, with first classes starting in autumn 2017.


Mainor Group's woodworking companies include OÜ Rekman, producing windows, doors and interior elements.


Founded based on the metal products manufactory of the former AS Dvigatel, OÜ Dvigatel Regital produces industrial fans for Fläkt Woods, the leading global supplier of Air-Technology based solutions.


Energetics companies in Mainor Group include AS Dvigatel–Energeetika that is primarily engaged in supplying customers with electricity, water and sewerage, AS Vaivara Wind that is developing wind energy projects, and Doranova Baltic OÜ that is working with environmental protection projects. There are also companies OÜ Mainor Energy Solutions and OÜ Mainarendus in Mainor Group operating in this sector.

We support

Mainor, the name of which is derived from three words – economy, people, and organisation, has grown into a large-scale enterprise that keeps influencing Estonian society and development.

We have been providing high-level education service since 1992 (today under the name of Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences) as we value people’s professional development and lifelong learning.

In order to create an equal opportunity and access to quality education for every Estonian we support an advanced and sophisticated program of Noored Kooli (Youth to School).

The education program has been brought to life in order to create an environment that allows for a new generation of leaders to be formed who would bring positive change in Estonian education while being active in different areas of life. Learn more: